Diagnosis of Hemophilia and Other Bleeding Disorders: A Laboratory Manual


Year: 2010

Language: English

Author(s): Steve Kitchen, Angus McCraw, Marión Echenagucia

Also Available In: Russian, Simplified Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic

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Additional Information

This WFH manual is the definitive how-to guide for the accurate diagnosis of hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Written and reviewed by the world’s leading experts in coagulation testing, this comprehensive, revised edition features new sections on two-stage clotting and chromogenic FVIII assays, von Willebrand factor collagen binding assay and multimer analysis, and the use of coagulometers.

Lab Manual Videos

NOW AVAILABLE: Step-by-step video demonstrations of the three most important manual diagnostic techniques:

  • APTT (Section 13)
  • One-stage FVIII assay (Section 23)
  • FVIII inhibitor assay (Section 28)

Each video features:

  • careful demonstration of correct technique
  • detailed explanations of the background theory of the assay
  • special considerations for issues of limited resources
  • discussion of the important reagents
  • plotting and interpretation of typical results
  • searchable transcripts
  • record sheets and graph paper to downloadts