Resources » Lista de actividades para pacientes con hemofilia – Pediátrica (PedHAL)

Paediatric Haemophilia Activities List (PedHAL) v0.11

Groen W, Van der Net J, Helders P, Fischer K.

Questionnaire – children’s version 0.11
Questionnaire – parents’ version 0.11

N.B. These scores are posted with the permission of the developers.
More recent versions of these scores have been developed. The scores provided here (v0.11) are the versions for which the below evaluation was carried out.


The PedHAL should be selected to measure the impact of hemophilia on self-perceived functional abilities in children.

The current version (0.11) consists of 53 items in seven domains:

  1. Sitting/kneeling/standing (10 items)
  2. Functions of the legs (11 items)
  3. Functions of the arms (6 items)
  4. Use of transportation (3 items)
  5. Self care (9 items)
  6. Household tasks (3 items)
  7. Leisure activities and sports (11 items)

A parent/proxy (age 4-8) and child version (8-18) was constructed with some minor linguistic differences (see questionnaires, above).

Contact person:
Kathelijn Fischer, at the secretariat of the Van Creveldkliniek, University Medical Centre Utrecht: [email protected]

Date of this review: February 21, 2011