Glossary of Psychometric Properties

Additional Information

Construct validity:

Refers to the extent to which results of the tool relate in a predictable manner to other measures of the concept being measured.

  • Convergent validity: Degree of association between two instruments measuring similar constructs.
  • Divergent validity: Difference in degree of association between instruments measuring different constructs.
  • Group differences: Ability of an instrument to identify differences in various known categories of subjects.
  • Predictive validity: Ability of an instrument to predict future events.

Criterion validity:

Evaluates how well the questionnaire compares to the gold standard.

Reproducibility or reliability:

Extent to which a questionnaire remains stable when a subject is re-tested either at different time points or by different evaluators.

  • Kappa: Fraction of agreement observed that is not related to chance.
  • Spearman’s rho: Used for ordinal or rank order measurements of correlation.
  • Intra-class correlation: Estimates the overall measurement variance of an instrument including both inter-individual variance and intra-individual variance.
  • Cronbach’s alpha: Measures internal consistency. Identifies the correlation among items in a scale.

Responsiveness and sensitivity:

Assesses the “ability of a questionnaire to detect clinically important changes over time”1.

  • Area under receiver operator curves (ROC-AUC): Receiver operator curves allow for the evaluation of an instrument using different cut-off points. They are constructed by plotting sensitivity against 1-specificity (one minus specificity). The area under the curve measures the instrument’s performance.
  • CART analysis: Classification and Regression Tree Analysis is a method of decision tree analysis.


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