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Hemophilia Joint Health Score (HJHS) 2.1

Feldman BM, Funk S, Hilliard P, Van Der Net J, Zourikian N, Berstrom B-M, Engelbert RHH, Abad A, Petrini P, Manco-Johnson M, and the International Prophylaxis Study Group.

The HJHS is available from the International Prophylaxis Study Group website: Registration will be required to access the educational material. The summary score sheet is posted here with the IPSG’s permission.

Summary Score Sheet

N.B. These scores are posted with the permission of the developers.


The HJHS measures joint health, in the domain of body structure and function (i.e. impairment), of the joints most commonly affected by bleeding in hemophilia: the knees, ankles, and elbows.

It is primarily designed for children with hemophilia aged 4-18 years with mild joint impairment (e.g. treated with prophylaxis). It can be used when there is a need for orthopedic intervention, or as an outcome measure of physiotherapy interventions.

Contact person(s):
International Prophylaxis Study Group, [email protected]

Date of this review:
February 07, 2011