Resources » Lista de actividades para pacientes con hemofilia (HAL)

Haemophilia Activities List (HAL) 2005

van Genderen FR, van Meeteren NL, van der Bom JG, Heijnen L, De KP, van den Berg HM, Westers P, Helders PJ et al.; Van Creveldkliniek, University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands.


N.B. These scores are posted with the permission of the developers.
A more recent version of this score has been developed. The score provided here (Version 2005) is the version for which the below evaluation was carried out.


The HAL measures the impact of hemophilia on self-perceived functional abilities in adults.

It contains 42 multiple choice questions in seven domains:

  1. Lying/sitting/kneeling/standing (8 items)
  2. Functions of the legs (9 items)
  3. Functions of the arms (4 items)
  4. Use of transportation (3 items)
  5. Self-care (5 items)
  6. Household tasks (6 items)
  7. Leisure activities and sports (7 items)

Contact person:
Kathelijn Fischer, at the secretariat of the Van Creveldkliniek, University Medical Centre Utrecht: [email protected]

Date of this review: February 18, 2011