Exercises for People with Hemophilia – Amharic


Year: 2006

Language: English

Author(s): Kathy Mulder

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Also Available In: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Simplified Chinese

This is not an official WFH translation. This resource has been translated with permission by a WFH National Member Organization (NMO), and is shared here with their kind permission. Translating organizations are encouraged to have translations reviewed by local experts, the WFH is not responsible for the translation or for any errors or changes to content from the original English edition. Patient organizations interested in translating a WFH resource must first obtain permission from the WFH, available here.

This resource has also been translated into the following languages, with permission from the WFH, by NMOs: Czech, Farsi, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Traditional Chinese

This illustrated guide includes a detailed description of exercises designed to counteract the long-term effects of joint and muscle bleeding and the tendency to develop abnormal postures.