Medical sessions | WFH World Congress 2022

In these sessions from the WFH 2022 World Congress, David Lillicrap, Len Valentino, Sophie Susen, Mrinal Gounder, Rebecca Kruse-Jarres, Christine Mrakotsky, Roger Schutgens, Dan Hart, Margaret Rand, Karina Meijer Waander van Heerde, Keith Gomez, Emna Gouider, Charles Nakar, Brian R. Long, Tiago Lopes, Claire Pouplard, Radek Kaczmarek, Johnny Mahlangu, Steve Pipe, K. Rajender Reddy, Pratima […]

What are Inhibitors?

The previous edition of this resource is also available in: Japanese This patient handbook contains basic information about inhibitors, the most serious complication of hemophilia.

Inhibitors in Hemophilia: A Primer – Traditional Chinese

Also Available In: English, Spanish This is not an official WFH translation. This resource has been translated with permission by a WFH National Member Organization (NMO), and is shared here with their kind permission. Translating organizations are encouraged to have translations reviewed by local experts, the WFH is not responsible for the translation or for […]

Inhibitors – Think differently | Virtual Summit 2020

The development of inhibitory antibodies to therapeutic factor VIII (FVIII) in up to 40% of people with severe hemophilia A (HA) is the major complication in treatment/prevention of hemorrhages. The reasons some people with HA develop inhibitors while others do not, remain unclear. In this session from the WFH 2020 Virtual Summit, Sebastien Lacroix-Desmazes, Kathleen […]

Inhibitors in Hemophilia: A Primer

This resource has also been translated into the following languages, with permission from the WFH, by NMOs: Traditional Chinese Inhibitors are a serious complication of hemophilia caused by an immune response to clotting factor concentrates. Treatment of inhibitors is one of the biggest challenges in hemophilia care today. This primer explains our current understanding of […]

Porcine Factor VIII

In the Monday afternoon session on alternative therapies in the management of inhibitors, Rebecca Kruse-Jarres discusses the latest developments in the use of porcine factor VIII.

Mechanisms of Inhibitors

In the Monday afternoon session on innovating immune tolerance induction for hemophilia,  Shannon Meeks explains the mechanisms of inhibitors.

What are Inhibitors? – Japanese

Also Available In: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Simplified Chinese この患者向けハンドブックには、血友病の最も深刻な合併症であるインヒビターについての基本情報が記載されています。