How to Write and Publish a Research Paper in Haemophilia

Since hemophilia is a rare disorder, publication of a research paper relating to hemophilia is sometimes difficult to achieve in mainstream journals. This monograph focuses on publication in the journal Haemophilia, which has the specialized readership of the hemophilia community, and gives many helpful tips for first-time authors.

Mild Hemophilia

A discussion of the mild forms of hemophilia A and hemophilia B, from epidemiology and molecular basis, via diagnosis, to the treatment options available.

Acquired Hemophilia

Acquired hemophilia is a rare condition caused by the production of autoantibodies, which inactivate factor VIII. This paper provides an overview of this condition that affects both men and women, its clinical features, epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis, and management.

Hemophilia Societies: Challenges and Development

Outlines the common challenges faced by hemophilia societies at various stages of development and offers practical solutions to help these organizations meet the needs of people with bleeding disorders.

A Study of Reported Factor IX Use Around the World

Presents data on the reported use of factor IX (FIX) per country. FIX use varies considerably, even among the wealthiest countries, and increases with economic capacity. Trends also suggest that consumption of FIX has been increasing at a greater rate in high-income countries.

HCV-Related Liver Cancer in People with Hemophilia

A review of the epidemiology, risk factors, treatment, and outcomes of liver cancer associated with chronic hepatitis C infection, with a focus on aspects that are of specific interest in people with hemophilia.