Hemophilia Societies: Challenges and Development

Outlines the common challenges faced by hemophilia societies at various stages of development and offers practical solutions to help these organizations meet the needs of people with bleeding disorders.

A Study of Reported Factor IX Use Around the World

Presents data on the reported use of factor IX (FIX) per country. FIX use varies considerably, even among the wealthiest countries, and increases with economic capacity. Trends also suggest that consumption of FIX has been increasing at a greater rate in high-income countries.

Contract Fractionation

A comprehensive guide to creating and maintaining a successful contract fractionation program, from contract agreements to the fractionation process, the roles of national health officials and foreign fractionators, and other technical, regulatory, and economical considerations.

Transmissible Agents and the Safety of Coagulation Factor Concentrates

This resource has also been translated into the following languages, with permission from the WFH, by NMOs: Russian A multifaceted approach that includes safety measures at every stage of production is needed to minimize the risk of viral transmission by coagulation factor replacement products.