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Year: 2015

Language: English

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Author(s): World Federation of Hemophilia

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Young Voices


The strength of the WFH and of its national member organizations lies in the commitment of inspiring leaders who work every day towards advancing the common vision of Treatment for All. However, many patient organizations struggle to engage young adults within their communities and there is a need to inspire more active participation.

Young Voices is a series of articles designed to help identify; mobilize; and empower future leaders to participate in the global conversation and effect positive change in their communities.

Youth group success stories

In December, 2013, the WFH Advocacy in Action program held its ninth workshop in Montreal, Canada. Entitled “Developing youth leaders to advocate effectively”, the workshop brought together 12 youth delegates from 12 countries, with a further 29 delegates participating via the online live broadcast. The workshop empowered youth with knowledge, abilities and skills to design, plan and carry out advocacy campaigns/strategies and to lead effectively. Click the thumbnails below to view videos in which two of the delegates, Jenna Lovell from Australia and Premroop Alva from India, present the inspiring successes of their youth groups.

Developing youth leaders to advocate effectively – Jenna Lovell, Australia

Developing youth leaders to advocate effectively – Premroop Alva, India