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Year: 2022

Language: English

Author(s): World Federation of Hemophilia

Format: Congress recordings

Musculoskeletal track | WFH World Congress 2022


In these sessions from the WFH 2022 World Congress, listen to Adolfo Llinas, Cindy Bailey, Janaina Bosso, David Stephensen, Peter Aguero, Mark Krimmel, Mauricio Silva, Luigi Solimeno, Gianluigi Pasta, Alok Srivastava, Piet de Kleijn, Nicholas Goddard, David Stephensen, Pamela Narayan, Greig Blamey, Horacio Caviglia, Carla Daffunchio, Antonio Gavrilovski, Ryan Mahaffey, Rohini Dange, Cesar Haddad and Hortensia De La Corte-Rodriguez address current topics in musculoskeletal challenges.

The WFH does not engage in the practice of medicine and under no circumstances recommends particular treatment for specific individuals. For diagnosis or consultation on a specific medical problem, the WFH recommends that you contact your physician or local treatment centre. Before administering any products, the WFH urges patients to check dosages with a physician or hemophilia centre staff, and to consult the pharmaceutical company’s printed instructions.

The WFH does not promote any particular pharmaceutical product and any mention of any commercial brand in this presentation is strictly for educational purposes.

In this session from the WFH 2022 World Congress, Adolfo Llinas (Colombia), Cindy Bailey (United States), Janaina Bosso (Brazil), David Stephensen (United Kingdom), Peter Aguero (United States), Mark Krimmel (United States), Mauricio Silva (United States) and Luigi Solimeno (Italy), will debate three hot topics concerning musculoskeletal challenges:

  • What tool to use and when to assess PWH?
  • Is Telerehabilitation useful? And if so, when?
  • Is surgical treatment of the ankle improving?

In this session from the WFH 2022 World Congress Gianluigi Pasta (Italy), Alok Srivastava (India), Piet de Kleijn (Netherlands) and Nicholas Goddard (United Kingdom) will discuss what recommendations are available and what kind of evidence we have in the MSK field.

In this session from the WFH 2022 World Congress, David Stephensen (United Kingdom), Pamela Narayan (India), Greig Blamey (Canada) and Horacio Caviglia (Argentina) will discuss physiotherapy rehabilitation after muscle bleeds, how to treat iliopsoas bleeding, as well as how to manage pseudotumours.

In this session from the WFH World Congress, Carla Daffunchio (Argentina), Antonio Gavrilovski (Macedonia), Ryan Mahaffey (United Kingdom), Rohini Dange (India) and Cesar Haddad (Lebanon) discuss musculoskeletal management with and without technology, covering topics such as laboratory gait analysis, clinical gait analysis and self-rehabilitation.

In this workshop from the WFH 2022 World Congress, Gianluigi Pasta (Italy), Carla Daffunchio (Argentina), Carlo Martinoli (Italy) and Sharon Funk (United States) discuss the new approaches to hemophilia treatment that lead to fewer joint bleeds and musculoskeletal assessment of people with hemophilia with current available outcome tools. The workshop will provide an overview of two current tools for early detection of joint impairment and for monitoring joint health: HJHS and HEAD-US score.

In this session from the WFH 2022 World Congress, Nicholas Goddard (United Kingdom), Antonio Gavrilovski (Macedonia), Hortensia De La Corte-Rodriguez (Spain) and Adolfo Llinas (Colombia) discuss the steps involved for a patient after a joint replacement, and when to perform clinical and instrumental follow-ups.