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Year: 2020

Language: English

Author(s): World Federation of Hemophilia

Format: Video

Free papers: Young researchers | Virtual Summit 2020


In this session from the WFH 2020 Virtual Summit, Cedric Hermans, Geertje Goedhart, Patricio Cesar Gatti, Sandeep Albert, Tien-Truong Dang, Ozlem Turan and Glaivy Batsuli discuss:

  • “The Dutch Haemophilia Registry HemoNED – building an Ecosystem”
  • “Evaluation of treatment with dental implants in patients with hemophilia preliminary study”
  • “Surgical management of a variety of haemophilic pseudotumours – challenges and precautions”
  • “Preimplantation genetic testing for hemophilia A using indirect linkage analysis approaches: The first 6 unaffected live births in Vietnam”
  • “Gynaecological problem and their management in women with moderate and severe von Willebrand Disease (VWD)”
  • “Inhibitor status of patients with hemophilia A who transition to emicizumab after immune tolerance induction”

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The WFH does not promote any particular pharmaceutical product and any mention of any commercial brand in this presentation is strictly for educational purposes.


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