Resources » Free papers: VWD and Women’s issues | Virtual Summit 2020

Year: 2020

Language: English

Author(s): World Federation of Hemophilia

Format: Video

Free papers: VWD and Women’s issues | Virtual Summit 2020


In this session from the WFH 2020 Virtual Summit, Andra James, Mandy Yap, Mario von Depka Prondzinski, Lubna Zafar, Robert Sidonio and Roseline d’Oiron discuss:

  • “The clinical usefulness of elongated platelet function analysis in characterizing Bleeding of Unknown Cause (BUC)”
  • “Angiogenic alterations in VWD as a possible cause of epistaxis”
  • “The menace of menorrhagia in females with inherited bleeding disorders”
  • “Treatments and clinical outcomes of bleeding related to pregnancy, surgery, or spontaneous or traumatic bleeds in women and girls with factor VIII and IX deficiency: Results from a retrospective chart review”
  • “Age at diagnosis is delayed in women/girls with haemophilia compared to men/boys: a FranceCoag report”

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