Gene therapy: the unfolding story | Virtual Summit 2020

We are still learning about gene therapy. Each patient experience is different, and gene therapy is not for everyone – either by choice or by exclusion because of the antibodies. In this session from the WFH 2020 Virtual Summit, Debra Pollard, John Pasi, David Page, Garrett Hayes, Rob Schroeder and Enrique Preza Hernandez discuss: What […]

Practical Education on Bleeding Disorders: Knowledge for All | WFH webinar series | April 22 2021

Listen to this 2-hour webinar presented on April 22, 2021 to learn about global topics related to bleeding disorders. The session was moderated by Glenn Pierce (WFH Vice President, Medical) and Marlène Beijlevelt (WFH Nurses Committee chair). Cedric Hermans (WFH Medical board member), Gianluigi Pasta (WFH MSK Committee chair), Sukesh Nair (Professor of laboratory haematology), […]