Evolution of Treatment Products

Adapted from: Global NMO Training 2016 plenary presentation by Glenn Pierce Reviewed by: Glenn Pierce Edited by: Georghia Michael This second module in the Treatment Products eLearning Program explains the evolution of products for the treatment of bleeding disorders, from products derived from blood to artificially produced clotting factor concentrates (CFCs) with extended half-lives (EHL). […]

Hemostatic Agents

This eLearning module presents Section 4 of the WFH Guidelines for the Management of Hemophilia: Hemostatic Agents. Detailed illustrations, interactive features, a glossary, supplementary resources and self-quizzes bring to life the WFH recommendations regarding FVIII and FIX clotting factor concentrates, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate, and other pharmacological options including DDAVP, tranexamic acid, and epsilon aminocaproic […]