Annual Global Survey Mini Report 1: Gender

The WFH Annual Global Survey (AGS) mini reports are advocacy tools that provide more in-depth perspective and context to AGS data. Lack of diagnosis and treatment for women and girls with bleeding disorders remains a challenge in our community. Highlighting gender data from the AGS can help bring awareness to the issues facing women and […]

Management of Women with VWD

In the Sunday afternoon joint Laboratory Sciences and VWD Professional Development Workshop, Andra H. James explains the unique issues in the management of women with von Willebrand Disease (VWD). This talk was part of the joint Laboratory Sciences and VWD Professional Development Workshop. See below for the other talks in this workshop:

Special Management Issues

This eLearning module presents Section 2 of the WFH Guidelines for the Management of Hemophilia: Special Management Issues. Detailed illustrations, interactive features, a glossary, supplementary resources and self-quizzes bring to life the WFH recommendations regarding carriers, genetic testing and counselling, prenatal diagnosis, childbirth, vaccinations, psychosocial issues, sexuality, and ageing for people with hemophilia. Instructions Click […]