Free papers: Orthopedic issues | Virtual Summit 2020

In this session from the WFH 2020 Virtual Summit, Adolfo Llinas, Cedric Hermans, Jenny Zhou, Ozgur Mert Bakan and Kumiko Ono discuss: “Confirmation of the very low rate of subclinical venous thrombosis in people with hemophilia undergoing major orthopedic surgery in the absence of pharmacological thromboprophylaxis” “Bleeding with iron deposition and vascular remodeling in subchondral […]

Dental management and treatment | Virtual Summit 2020

The Dental Committee is proud to present the dental track at the WFH Virtual Summit with a truly global representation of presenters, speaking on a broad range of topics related to the oral health of individuals with inherited bleeding disorders. The speakers of this session are Lochana Nanayakkara, Norjehan Yahaya, Miryam Parreira, Daniel Sundaresan and […]

Low-Dose Prophylaxis – India Experience

In the Tuesday afternoon session entitled Prophylaxis: Global Models of Low-Dose Prophylaxis, Shashikant Apte presents the results of the implementation of tertiary prophylaxis programs in India, focusing on reduction of annual bleed rate (ABR) in hemophilia A and B.

Haemophilia – New Technologies

In the Wednesday morning session on new technologies, Dan Hart presents an overview of technologies promising to impact the care of people with hemophilia.

Ageing with hemophilia: Dental issues

In the Thursday morning session entitled Ageing with Hemophilia: Issues and Challenges Through Different Life Stages, Andrew Brewer presents his experiences working as a dentist with people with hemophilia of all ages. This talk was part of the Panel Discussion session: Ageing with Hemophilia: Issues & challenges through different life stages. See below for other […]