Guide to National Tenders for the Purchase of Clotting Factor Concentrates

This guide explains how a national procurement system of factor concentrates can help to ensure that people with bleeding disorders have access to treatment which is not only sufficient in quantity, but also meets the required standards in relation to safety, efficacy, and quality. The second edition includes diverse case studies, discussion of prolonged half-life […]

A Study of Reported Factor IX Use Around the World

Presents data on the reported use of factor IX (FIX) per country. FIX use varies considerably, even among the wealthiest countries, and increases with economic capacity. Trends also suggest that consumption of FIX has been increasing at a greater rate in high-income countries.

Benefits of Treating Hemophilia with Factor Concentrate

Also Available In: Japanese Treating people with hemophilia with safe, regulated plasma-derived factor concentrate directly reduces the social and economic impact of this bleeding disorder on the patient as well as the amount of long-term support required from family, community, and government.

Benefits of Treating Hemophilia with Factor Concentrate – Japanese

Also Available In: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Simplified Chinese 安全で規制を順守している血漿由来凝固因子濃縮製剤で血友病患者を治療することは、出血性疾患患者への社会経済的影響、さらには政府やコミュニティ、家族から求められる長期的支援を直接軽減します。