New Developments in Treatment for Bleeding Disorders – Novel Therapies

New panel discussion: New Developments in Treatment for Bleeding Disorders – Novel Therapies, is a cure for hemophilia around the corner? While clotting factor concentrates remain, by far, the mainstay of the management of hemophilia, a number of novel therapies under development have the potential to dramatically change the treatment landscape. Leading hematologists and patient […]

How to Write and Publish a Research Paper in Haemophilia

Since hemophilia is a rare disorder, publication of a research paper relating to hemophilia is sometimes difficult to achieve in mainstream journals. This monograph focuses on publication in the journal Haemophilia, which has the specialized readership of the hemophilia community, and gives many helpful tips for first-time authors.

Conduct in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials must be designed to fulfill high scientific and ethical standards. This monograph reviews the basic principles of good clinical trial practice.