Molecular Diagnosis of von Willebrand Disease

The accurate diagnosis of von Willebrand disease (VWD) is crucial to its management. This resource describes the techniques used to determine the genetic nature, or genotype, of a suspected case of VWD. The companion monograph, TOH 55 Diagnosis of von Willebrand Disease: Phenotypic Characterization, provides a detailed review of the laboratory tests that can be […]

Special Management Issues

This eLearning module presents Section 2 of the WFH Guidelines for the Management of Hemophilia: Special Management Issues. Detailed illustrations, interactive features, a glossary, supplementary resources and self-quizzes bring to life the WFH recommendations regarding carriers, genetic testing and counselling, prenatal diagnosis, childbirth, vaccinations, psychosocial issues, sexuality, and ageing for people with hemophilia. Instructions Click […]