Physical activity for joint health and wellness | Virtual Summit 2020

In this session from the WFH 2020 Virtual Summit, Paul McLaughlin, Adolfo Llinas, Pamela Narayan & Chavez Edgecombe discuss how exercising joints and muscles can reduce spontaneous bleeding in the long term. This session will aim to demonstrate easy and practical methods in musculoskeletal care from orthopedist, physiotherapist and patient perspectives, including bone health without […]

Practical Education on Bleeding Disorders: Knowledge for All | WFH webinar series | October 12 2021

Listen to this 2-hour webinar presented on October 12, 2021 to learn about global topics related to bleeding disorders, with a focus on comorbidities associated with hemophilia. The session was moderated by Glenn Pierce (WFH Vice President, Medical). Gianluigi Pasta (WFH MSK Committee chair), Paul McLaughlin (Specialist Physiotherapist), Adolfo Llinas (Medical director), Robert Klamroth (Department […]