WFH Humanitarian Aid program: Past and future | Virtual Summit 2020

In this session from the WFH 2020 Virtual Summit, Assad Haffar, Megan Adediran, Kibet Shikuku, Glenn Pierce, Alain Baumann, Bill Sibold, Guido Oelkers, Iqbal Mufti, Klaus Marten, Lauren Syring & Antti Kourula discuss the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program, which improves access to care and treatment by providing much-needed support for people with inherited bleeding disorders […]

Expanding Access to Hemophilia Treatment Products

New panel discussion: Expanding Access to Hemophilia Treatment Products, what will be the game changer? While the WFH vision is “Treatment for All,” the majority of the world’s population has little to no access to hemophilia care. Patient advocates and WFH Humanitarian Aid and Public Policy representatives debate what might be the game changer in […]