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eLearning Programs

Each WFH eLearning Program consists of a series of educational modules designed for individual self-directed or small-group learning. Educational content about hemophilia and other bleeding disorders is brought to life with detailed colour illustrations, interactive features, a glossary of terms, and linked resources for further reading. There are even quizzes, and progress checks so that you can evaluate whether you have fully understood the content. You can work through an entire module or look up sections of particular interest in the interactive table of contents.

The Treatment Products eLearning Program explores the basics of bleeding disorders and the products used to treat them in 3 interactive modules:

Introduction to Bleeding Disorders

This module explains how blood clots and the coagulation cascade, what goes wrong in factor deficiency, and how factor replacement therapy works by correcting this.

Evolution of Treatment Products

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New Treatment Avenues

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Updated August 2017