Resources » Communicating impact: tips on effective reporting | October 29 2021 – Russian

Год: 2021

Язык: Russian

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Автор(ы): World Federation of Hemophilia

Формат: Видео

Communicating impact: tips on effective reporting | October 29 2021 — Russian


Listen to this 90-minute webinar presented on October 29, 2021 on Communicating impact: tips on effective reporting.

This webinar offers participants recommendations and tips for communicating the impact and achievements of their projects in a meaningful way, as well as producing effective programmatic reports, financial tracking and budgeting. Using the framework of the Development Grant Program as an example, this webinar provides practical tools and demonstrates the benefits of effective reporting both in terms of ensuring accountability and increasing visibility of the organization’s work.

This webinar includes presentations and a Q&A session with Dawn Rotellini (NHF Chief Operating Officer, WFH Board of Directors Member, Chair of Development Grants Selection Committee), Roddy Doucet (WFH Community Outreach Manager) and Irene Bitharas (WFH Finance & Administration Director).

This WFH webinar was originally presented in English.

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