Module 5 – Adherence | Workshop for Psychosocial Professionals — Russian

This module was presented by Susan Cutter at the Virtual Workshop for Psychosocial Professionals in Europe on June 23, 2021. To view other modules from this series, please click here. This WFH module was originally presented in English. The WFH does not engage in the practice of medicine and under no circumstances recommends particular treatment […]

Communicating impact: tips on effective reporting | October 29 2021 — Russian

Listen to this 90-minute webinar presented on October 29, 2021 on Communicating impact: tips on effective reporting. This webinar offers participants recommendations and tips for communicating the impact and achievements of their projects in a meaningful way, as well as producing effective programmatic reports, financial tracking and budgeting. Using the framework of the Development Grant […]

Delivering comprehensive care: practical considerations | October 21 2021 — Russian

Listen to this 90-minute webinar, Delivering comprehensive care: practical considerations, presented on October 21, 2021. This is the second of three webinars in the PACT Comprehensive Care Series, designed to support healthcare providers in setting up and strengthening comprehensive care in their centres. The session was moderated by Dr. Miguel Escobar (WFH Board of Directors). […]

Key Concepts and Principles of Care for Bleeding Disorders | July 28, 2021 — Russian

Listen to this back-to-basics 90-minute webinar, presented on July 28, 2021, which offers members of NMOs the opportunity to get a refresher on the key concepts and principles of care for inherited bleeding disorders. The webinar program also covers foundational knowledge on topics relevant for NMO members and advocates. This webinar was chaired by Carlos […]

Benefits of a National Patient Registry — Russian

Also Available In: Japanese Patient registries are crucial for monitoring trends in health, allocating resources, organizing and tracking distribution of treatment products, and improving the purchasing process on a national scale.