Congress and Meetings

Congress and Meetings

Congress and Meetings offer unique platforms for the global bleeding disorders community to learn, network and share knowledge. Each year, the WFH organizes a variety of targeted events to bring together professionals from multidisciplinary teams, patients and NMO leaders to exchange ideas on the improvement of treatment and care, as well as to strengthen their knowledge and skills. These events are crucial opportunities for the WFH to engage with our community in person and derive content for the creation of enduring educational resources.

WFH World Congress

The WFH World Congress is the largest international meeting for the global bleeding disorders community and it is hosted in a different country every two years. The WFH World Congress is attended by doctors, scientists, healthcare workers, people with bleeding disorders and hemophilia organizations who gather to learn about the latest developments in bleeding disorders treatment and care, as well as to discuss, to debate and to contribute to a strong global organization and community.

WFH International Musculoskeletal Congress

Every two years, the WFH organizes an International Musculoskeletal (MSK) Congress that brings together leading orthopedic surgeons, hematologists, and physiotherapists specialized in the treatment and care of patients with bleeding disorders, in addition to other professionals interested in the musculoskeletal aspects of hemophilia.

WFH Global Forum on Research and Treatment Products for Bleeding Disorders

The WFH Global Forum addresses issues related to the safety and supply of treatment products for bleeding disorders, and brings together patient groups, regulators, representatives from industry, and not-for-profit fractionators, as well as doctors who treat people with bleeding disorders.